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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> the medication that many doctors use for terminally ill patients double in price. the four on 2 starts now. cloudy and overcast with mixed patches of sunlight. we got some here in the square. i'm keba arnold. >> and i'm mike mibach. >> san francisco police are checking every lead to find a 2- year-old's girl whose mother was killed. >> her body was found on friday and now there is a desperate search for her daughter arianna. >> we have the latest on the investigation, tara. >> reporter: investigators remaining tight lipped about exactly the way in which nicole fitz died but i am told there is gruesome details that will be coming out. i have learned that she was
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beaten very severely. >> everyone is searching for 2- year-old arianna. witnesses report seeing her in late february. her body was found on wasley. worked at best buy on harrison street. yesterday would have been her one anniversary. family and friends said she turned her life around but didn't say specifically how. >> it is an odd case. we have a missing child and the mother was reported missing on april 5th and a few days after we found the mother is a victim of a homicide and that is not common theme that occurs. the child is missing and she is only young, two years old and also the suspicion of foul play considering the mother has been found slain. now, one interesting thing to note, on thursday, just 10 to 15 hours before nicole's
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body was discovered, she or someone posted something to her facebook that said happy birthday to my son. she only had two daughters. we learned that arianna was left in the care of a pastor in oakland that nicole lived with. police are interviewing her and several others. we understand that there will be a candlelight vigil on wednesday night at best buy to honor her memory. i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> married, ex-husband? did police reveal anything about her relationships that she had. >> reporter: no, they did not. we know that nicole had two daughters. one of them was the one that is missing. arianna and another a 12-year- old that lives in southern california. she was initially with nicole. she lost custody of her. she went to the father and the father lost custody and we are not sure who has custody of the child at this point friends say that nicole had turned her life
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around so greatly that she was months away from getting her older daughter back. >> still so bizarre that this has been since last february and no sign and no one has seen this little girl. >> reporter: no, according to eyewitness reports she has not been seen since then. police are focused on trying to find the little girl and find her alive. >> bart looked united, pleased and proud to announce they struck a labor deal that begins in 2017. >> the deal must be approved by the workers and four year deal that will last until 2021 and avoid the threat of a strike. the deal includes a wage increase of ten-and-a-half percent over four years. the potential for bonuses still exist but only if bart achieves
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certain growth and reliability goals. after the last settlement in 2013, a study outlined four things that failed the last time around that needed fixing. reestablishing the trust and respect here at bart between labor and management. communications and strategy that did not involve us beating each other up in the media and providing us the information that we need to bargain in good faith and avoiding the breakdowns and negotiations. >> both sides acknowledge that we need focus on rebuilding the system and both sides agree we need to work together. >> what does it mean? bart says it can fulfill the financial obligations without a hike in fare but there is a 3
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million-dollars bond measure that will pay for infrastructure if voted by the people. tom vacar, were you surprised about this and why so secretive. >> reporter: i have covered a lot of stuff and you can feel the joy, the cooperation and the ignitedness in that room today. really have i ever seen such a display that everybody is on the same page. i think they get it as to how badly people felt because of the trouble that was created by it and they got together and said you know what, we need to change the way we do business here. the union and management cooperative and after washington are watching this, it doesn't feel like an act that they are putting on. the people seem generally interested in making sure that this moves forward. it is true, coming up in november, there is going to be a three billion dollar bond
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measure on the ballot but that is for infrastructure and raises and bonuses and salaries or anything like that and i think that is important for people to consider. again the reality of what happened today was really surprising to me. and i think the secretiveness was that nobody was looking to see if there was any labor negotiations until next year. >> take us back to 2013 and that strike in the relationship that was damaged back then. and what possibly now it seems like lessons were learned. >> lessons were learned because that situation was so poisonous, so toxic, so contentious that you wondered if the people were ever going to get along again. and most of the same people are still there. only this time it seems like their focus is not outdoing each other but their focus is get the system back to good shape and get the cars in shape
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and we don't have to fight like that. >> was there a no strike clause in the contract that they negotiated and not only this contract but future contracts. do employees have the right to strike in. >> well, they still have a right to strike but when you have a contract, we will resolve the things through arbitration and negotiation and some mediation. we don't strike and that's the point, it guaranteesthat kind of layers. unless there is some completely gross and throwing away of the contract, i don't think we have to worry about a strike for the next five years and considering what happened, that is really saying something. it is amazing change. >> tom we we are out of time. you think this is a done deal in your opinion. >> reporter: with all of those people standing there i would be surprised if it was not anonymous. a san bruno man hit and kill while walking in traffic and police are searching for
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the driver that left the scene. it happened at 2:00 a.m. on skyline boulevard. the man was running across the traffic and now police have identified him as 27-year-old scott grazer of san bruno. the family says he suffered from severe autism and had been missing from his group home. the suv that hit glacier is a dark colored 2016 suv. we are learning about five people being kill on sunday where a honda was broadsided by a silver raddo pickup truck. all five people died in the pickup truck. three were identified. there was a 17-year-old girl and a 3-year-old child. another woman and young child in the car but have not been identified. the family in the pickup truck
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survived with minor injuries. the road rage for the former saints player wil smith is raising questions. he was shot and killed on saturday. a hummer driven by 28-year-old cardell hayes rear ended smith and when they got out of the cars hayes shot smith. hayes attorney says he was following smith to get information about an earlier accident but police say there is another odd connection between these two men. according to investigators, smith had eaten dinner with a former police officer that was named in a civil case related to deadly police shooting of hayes' father some ten years ago. that case was later settled. >> it is interesting and right now we are investigating the homicide and all of those facts and perhaps we will ask questions about those and see if there is any correlation. >> so police don believe that these two men actually know
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each other. the police officer connection is most likely a coincidence. smith's wife was also in the car. she is hospitalized with two bullet wounds to the leg. hayes was in court this afternoon and being held on one million dollars bond. california's right to die law is about to take effect and at the same time one of the drugs many doctors prescribe has doubled in price. still to come in the four by 2. new legislation. tracking the clouds that could lead to showers in the five-day forecast. right now on our facebook page, a startling close encounter. a paddle border and a shark. you can see it on our facebook page and it go caught on a go procamera attached to the paddle board. check it out. a quick peek at 880 and oakland. welcome to the oakland a's back to the coliseum for some
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evening baseball and entertaining the angels. the four on 2 will be right
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back. after a bit of a soggy week end. we had showers to the tune of an inch-and-a-half for friday, saturday and sunday. we got wet on the lawns and trees and now it is dried out and for the most part, the most sunshine we have seen all day. oakland, a plane climbing over
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here and the banner that picked this up. and it is a banner and the plane must be here. the sun has come out and the rain has ended and temperatures on the mild side and lots of mid 60s today as we head forward, we will warm up and then we get back into some rain. what is happening in your travel world, basically if you are traveling tomorrow, you will find concerns from atlanta north towards the boston area. this line of strong storms moves across the nation's mid sections. severe thunderstorms in this area and as moves towards atlanta and boston could create delays for the early morning travelers going to the east coast. check denver, snow flurries. and overall your travel not too bad. as we look at the situation. we got weather systems reminiscent of an active pattern. this system up to the north, a little bit further north but we will see the clouds coming into
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the forecast area. that means chances of showers show up in the five-day forecast and here is a close-up shot. the clouds, all over the coastal hills, that is cloud cover through the bay area right now. the clouds are going to linger through tomorrow midday and thicken up on wednesday and that brings the chance of a shower. the cloud cover outside. not as many clouds on wednesday. more sunshine but thursday, wednesday night to thursday morning a chance for showers. despite the cloud cover, mid 60s today and tomorrow morning kind of cool and 46 in santa rosa and 49 in morganhill. the forecast for san francisco, there is the sky, you wake up and it is cloudy for san francisco and santa rosa 48 and napa 48 and san francisco 53 degrees. the afternoon wears up, partly cloudy and mostly sunny and then as you move to the
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afternoon, we will call it mostly sunny in san francisco and sunny after lunchtime for most cities. here is the story. this center is moving off and as it does rain wants to show off for wednesday night and thursday morning. a cooler system. snow in the mountains. that is great. 65 in napa and vallejo. mid 60s, upper 60s and low 70s. the five-day forecast, there it is. and you can see the rain showers. that's not the right one. we will go back here and i will show you 64 in santa rosa and 65 in napa. highs tomorrow warmer than today. as we push forward i will show you the wednesday night computer model that shows rain in the bay area. we definitely have rain back in the forecast with lower snow elevations that will be nice. what happened to that five
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day there? >> i was hoping you didn't notice. >> you didn't have to bring it up. >> monday, why not. >> i loaded the wrong one. i am not used to the four. it will be ready for the next time. >> in this next system, colder and not horriblably wet. so skiers may get a pop before the season ends. >> the guy sneaks into the burger joint but instead of the cash register. >> he hits the fridge. the unusual behavior caught on
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camera by this burglar.
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the warriors are just one win away from breaking the record for the most victories in an nba season and kept the spurs from making history. the spurs tied it up by half- time and the warriors caught fire in the 3rd with seth curry leading the way with 37 points and led the way to the win, 92- 86, the warriors first victory in san antonio since 1997. the warriors win stopped san antonio's pursuit of a perfect season for them at home. it was the spurs first home loss since march of last year. now if the warriors win on wednesday, they will set a new record for most victories in
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the regular season, right now though otherwise they will share the record with the bulls team of course led by one michael jordan. and really when you look at the team, keba. top to bottom, fantastic. >> they are good. >> and a huge part of the warriors success is the nba reign mvp seth curry. mark ibanez sat down with him before the win number 72. >> it is balance. we have a lot of great things and when you talk about chasing history and doing something that no team has done before, i am sure every team wants to experience that and we have a big goal of the championship and that is what we play for through the whole season. with what the purchases purchase -- spurs are doing. playoff atmosphere and a good test and we want to be sharp in the playoffs, we will figure that out. >> the golden state warriors
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have equaled the chicago bulls. >> we are asked about it a lot and you don't want to change like your focus and your outcome and get a strike. the implications of whatever game, the pursuit of 73 is special and you want to be able to try to do it the right way. >> your pregame ritual, kind of started slow and now it is like all over the league. it is become a thing. is that draining mentally because i know you li to take care of the kids and you like to make sure that people get their pictures and things signed. has it changed your pregame ritual, i know those kinds of things are real important. >> not much. i obviously noticed the end flow of people coming out early to watch. it is the same routinely have been doing for years. nothing is new to me but it is kind of flattering to have half the arena kind of filled an hour before the game and to see me warm up and take the shots
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that i need to take to get ready for the game. going through the tunnels and signing autographs, i sign as much as i can for the folks that got there the earliest. and hopefully give them that opportunity and then go about my normal routine after that. try to stay in the moment, by 15 minutes to get my body warmed up and my mind in the show. >> do you feel like pressure in warmups like if you are not knocking down every shot. you know people are coming out there and they want to see he made like 17 in a row. and if it is not fallen for you, do you feel like man, did some of the kids walk away and go what was that? >> they know that i am not perfect and there is stuff that i can't work on to get better. the funniest thing i heard of, a group of kids sitting court
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side watching and i missed my first three jumpers that i take and one kid whispered to his parents. wait, he does miss? like he really thought that i was highlights that you see and different footage and that i make all of my shots. so hopefully that was a good lesson for whoever that kid was no that at this level we do miss shots and work on our game. >> undoubtedly. number one athlete and as far as popularity and imagine that being said. people tugging on your cape all of the time. have you been angle to deal with that, juggling the family life, that is important to you with your professional life. >> it is a new learning experience for sure. like there is a lot going on, the schedule is crazy and playing 82 games and we have practice every day and i have two young daughters and a wife that i want to spend as much time with.
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i like to play golf here and there. it is the stage i have and the platform i have is such a blessing that i want to use it the best i can and like i said you got to protect just your personal time and making sure for me the things that i do to try to stay normal i still have time to do that. and kind of help my sanity basically. other than that, a learning experience, what to say no to and what to continue to do and i am focused on games and protecting my playing. >> does steph curry very bad days. >> yes. plenty of them. basketball is a release and those moments you remind yourself, i get to play basketball for a living. there are worse things in this
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world, for me to complain about, stuff like that or to have a bad day, i don't think there is an excuse for that. i try to keep that mindset. >> talk about the aura of invincibility at the oracle. >> every experience is different from what we have gone through. we have played our game and the oracle arena playing our best. we are a tough team to beat so we are pretty connected as a group. and i like that back and forth and setting our open expectations as opposed to what other people do. wow. >> you do miss, not often as he said. >> he is not perfect. >> but trying to go out there and trying to get number 73. winning another championship in the playoffs.
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coming up after the break. britney menard's story for a national debate on right to die laws and prompted the passage of a law similar in california. >> on the four on four asking for what is ahead on the california right to die law to
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take effect this summer.
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this june california's new right to die law will take effect and allow a termly ill patient to obtain prescriptions to end death. >> brittany moved to oregon to end her life there legally. >> her husband, dan diaz has campaigned with supporters to get a right to die law in california. in september it did and governor brown signed it acknowledging that he considered what he would want if faced with the same decision. and now as the state prepares for the law to take effect. a new challenge has a risen. >> a medication prescribed by doctors have seen a spike in price. where as a few years ago the medication called sekanol could be obtained for $200 and now it will cost patients some $3000. >> and today in the 4x4 we are taking four minutes during the four to examine the controversy
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over the medication and the issue of access being raised. >> with us via skype, dr. grupe. thanks for being here. >> thank you. i am happy to speak to you. >> 200 and up to 3000 really just seems outrageous. do we know the reason for this it seems like some might believe it is a barrier, a way to possibly prevent the patients from wanting to go this route. >> no, i don't think anyone knows the reason for the price increase. it is outrageous and a problem for some people. most people that have insurance and in oregon where i was practicing, the prescription was covered. but for those people without insurance, it is now very, very expensive. >> is it a case of pharmaceuticals in your professional experience taking advantage of the situation or i don't know much about what is out there on the market but is
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there a lack of generics and that is causing a spike in the price? >> that is a good question. the medication was developed in the '30s. a sleeping pill. not a good medication and generic but only one manufacturer in the united states and so why they have to raise the price so high it is not clear really to me or most people. and it is very disappointing. >> doctor, we have a statement from valium and i will read it to you, the price increase for the drug occurred shortly after valium acquired it and months before california's assisted suicide law passed. the suggestion that valiant raised the price for a law that did not pass for a drug that is
4:33 pm
not indicated defies common sense. it says that they set the price to the availability and the benefits versus alternative treatments. is there alternatives are is sekonol is the drug to get. >> this is the best education and i never said it was raised because california passed the law. valiant raised the prices on many medications and there have been a lot of questions. there are alternatives and it depends between the doctor and patient if they are available or possible for that patient. it would depend on the patient's allergies and their comorbidities that means the other kinds of diseases, et cetera and the other medications that they are taking. so, yes, there are other
4:34 pm
protocols but really sekonol is the one that is used the most and is very gentle medication. >> what would you recommend to doctors in california in preparation for this law taking effect? >> well, i think that the doctors in california will need some education and compassion and choices in doing that. we have continuing education video this is a going to be available for any doctor at any hospital staff to learn about the clinical protocols and the things that a doctor needs to know and how to address the question, if a patient asks them for an end of life option. how to respond, how to work with pharmacy, etc. so we are doing a lot of work and there is a lot of education that california doctors will need to have. >> california is joining a few other states, oregon and vermont and new mexico. what do we know about what
4:35 pm
works when it comes to connecting the patient and the doctor and that process once a terminally ill patient decides that they want to end their life if. >> we know a lot. we have had 18 years of experience in oregon where i have practiced as well as the five or six years where the laws are available in oregon, vermont and washington as you said. we know a lot and we know that these patients do best when they are enrolled in hospice and palliative care programs that connects them to other wonderful and valuable services such as music therapy, spiritual support. dealing with other family issues. so we have learned a lot and we know that there is a lot of help for people near the end of their life. >> what would you tell doctors in preparation when it comes to their emotions to prepare for what they are about to do for
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their patients? >> that's a good question, mike. i think a doctor does need to think about his or her own mortality and how she or he would consider their own death, do they want to be in an ic c or at home with their loved ones and then remember, i think the most important thing to remember it is not about the doctor. it is about the patient. >> yes. >> and as a professional, we know that putting the patient first is the most important thing. so end of life questions come down to in my opinion, two things. comfort, for the patient and respect for their wishes. >> comfort and respect. >> and doctor, i want to thank you for your time and point out that statement from valiant was a general statement they made, not directly to us but more so if you want to comment here. so that was more of a general statement that the drugmaker valiant put out. so the answer to the question
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to why this drug is going from some 200 up to $3000. >> we would need to look at the answer, it didn't seem to exactly answer the question because this is not a question that take research. an old medication that should be very inexpensive, for example, in europe it costs approximately $50. >> wow, $50 and now it is up to 3000. my goodness. >> dr. grupe thanks for being with us. >> thanks, doctor. >> thank you keba and mike. have a night evening. >> you too. >> a software developer and a nurse. and a nurse and a firefighter, probably not. money monday and our expert is here to break down how much money you have to have to buy a home in san francisco. tracking the weather out there. there is clouds but more rain headed your way. and here's another live
4:38 pm
picture on 24. rolling through lafayette. eastbound sluggish and westbound towards the tunnel and not too bad on this monday. the four on two will be right
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back. >> a un special envoy urged factions in syria to preserving a cease fire. the plea comes ahead of another
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round of peace talks. brokered by the u.s. and russia have held but clashes have threatened to cease fire. expected to center on a political battle in its 6th year. we have numbers from matt faller on our real estate market. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> let's start with the numbers might surprise people. some people believe it is the housing situation but there are houses available in san francisco. it is more so the costs of said houses. >> there are houses and it is the cost. it is affordability that is driving the dynamic. >> we have slides to put up. you can talk us through the numbers as far as sales being down. >> we have seen indications that the sales are down. we have piqued about two years
4:42 pm
ago and down eight percent and year to death down about the same so normally you would say that means there is less demand. people no longer want a house in san francisco. that's not the case. what is driving it is the affordability. we are running out of people that can afford to buy a house in san francisco. >> just too expensive. we will get more detail about how much money you need. let's talk about the employment growth and that's one thing that is not lacking in san francisco. >> it comes back to the fundamentals of supply and demand. california's economy is healthy and growing close to three percent is the forecast. and the bay area, you know, san mateo and san francisco counties. 4% or greater and while we have heard rumors and inklings after slow down in silicon valley, we are not seeing it. >> we are out pacing
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california. san mateo and san francisco. >> yes. >> and condos. >> sales are down by five percent and prices steady. average price 1.2 million or so. so again it is a slight decrease and it is not because people don't want to buy it is because they don't want to buy. >> down from this time last year. >> yes. >> the numbers i saw worse than condos. >> the single valley homes have continued on this and just incredible upward trajectory of price and the number sold is fewer. down about 17%. and prices, you know, up year to date. 8% and we are seeing -- we are not seeing last year's 20 percent appreciation but strong single digit growth is what you would expect. we have slowed down. >> there is two pages. you have the houses that are available but way too expensive. but with the growth, happening in the jobs sector, there is
4:44 pm
not enough new homes being built to match that. in new affordable homes. >> that is what is driving affordability out of the ballpark. in the last five years according to bureau of labor and california association of realtors. bay area has created 240,000 jobs. but we have created about 30,000 housing unit. for every 8 jobs we fight over the one housing europe we have bill for them and you can see cities like new york city that also have housing challenge, and have built substantially more than we have. >> we had an entire segment on this talking about what is it going to take. at this point it needs a regional effort to get with oakland and other cities to pull it off. >> it has to be and it is not just one element because it comes in to transit and other pieces because if we are going to build outside of the city we
4:45 pm
need to build smart where people get to their jobs and not pile og roadways. >> careers. what do you need to have. what kind of job in order to afford a home in san francisco? >> several jobs at the moment and this is -- >> several careers. >> yes. >> not just jobs. >> let's talk about the numbers. >> a little more real. for example, if you were a nurse, a registered nurse making 125,000 and your software developer making the same, you would roughly qualify for the average price in san francisco but if you were, let's say, a nurse and a brand new entry level programmer you will come short. maybe if you were a firefighter and a teacher, both great careers. you know middle class, one hundred thousand dollars short on income required to qualify and that's before we talk about if you managed to save 20%. >> and the deposit $250,000 to qualify.
4:46 pm
>> that's your annual income needed right now. >> wow. a tough market in san francisco. that is where the change needs to be. >> we need to make the supply. >> matt fuller, thank you. thanks keba. mike to you. >> bringing in meteorologist bill martin. bill. >> i got this graphic fixed up. thanks for bringing it up again, mike. that was sweet. classy. >> so we head outside. we got a nice five day set up. showers in the forecast and we will get to that and outside we got more sunshine than we have seen all day, right? plenty of sunshine and cloudy most of the day. a little bit of coastal fog and clouds lingering. and the jet stream to the north is active. still very active and this system or this area here is going to drop down as we head to wednesday night and bring us yet another opportunity for a few scattered showers. so this is the current satellite and radar. snow flurries in the mountains. high elevation. the snow levels will get down there and lots of clouds kind
4:47 pm
of lingering around, kind of a cloudy, not muggy, highs in the mid-60s and we are at concord, the mostly cloudy and santa rosa mostly cloudy skies. and highs today in the upper 60s and right now 68 in fairfield and 65 in fremont. we -- what time is it. time for the highs, when the days get longer, 4:00 is about the max heating for this time of year. we are see mont view at 67 and tomorrow slightly warmer with more sunshine. and we have 70s but you look for them. well inland and up around santa rosa and maybe a couple of 70s around morgan hill. but the idea being lots of 60s tomorrow. san jose tomorrow started off at 57 degrees at 7:00 a.m. partly cloudy and partly sunny and cloudy in the afternoon.
4:48 pm
about 66 degrees in san jose and in the afternoon, a beautiful day and much nicer with more sunshine after lunchtime. wednesday not too bad as we head into your wednesday. talking about overnight clouds and the clouds show up wednesday night into friday or thursday morning. here we are tuesday morning. that's tomorrow morning. tuesday afternoon, wednesday morning. and wednesday afternoon. see this guy coming in or wednesday evening. pardon me and wednesday night or early thursday morning. there is your opportunity for rain. okay? wednesday night into early thursday morning. a chance for rain. that would set us up with perchance a wet morning commute on thursday. not real wet. nice but maybe quarter inch or half inch. a little instability and things start to clear out. wednesday night and thursday in the morning hours. forecast highs and 65 in vallejo and brentwood and the forecast highs warmer than
4:49 pm
today but not far off. more sunshine and a nice day tomorrow and in the five-day forecast, there it is. look at that, mikey. umm? >> yes. >> she is a beaut. >> that is how it is supposed to look. that smooth. >> been doing this a long time, mikey. listen, the rain for thursday night or wednesday night, thursday morning could be good for the snow. they are going to see maybe 6 to 8-inches of snow in the mountains. lower elevations and the skiers helpful to some of that runoff. >> blew canyon five thousand. >> maybe even lower. >> frank somerville live in the newsroom with a look at the stories for ktvu, fox 2 news and what is this picture. >> i want everyone to take a look at this guy. the ninja burglar by people in one bay area neighborhood. they have found this guy casing several homes and what is concerning is what he is
4:50 pm
carrying there up his arm. our crime reporter henry lee following that story at five. back to uuc berkeley. >> almost hard to believe and there are more accusations of sexual harassment on the cal campus. today we heard from two grad students. the associate professor who they are accusing and the blunt words from their attorney. cal is protecting their professors, the same way as the catholics protected their priests. >> and the four on 2 will be right back.
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4:52 pm
time to get social and look at what people are talking about out on social media. >> a move by a respected newspaper that turned a article
4:53 pm
into a satirical page. the boston globe published this fake front page and a scathal article about donald trump issues. >> so at the bottom of that page, the editor writes, this is donald trump's america. the newspaper says it published the satire to illustrate what would be a deeply disturbing future for america. >> aggressive. >> and donald trump responded to this calling the boston globe stupid and worthless and he told the reporters used to be a great paper but is now a supermarket throw out. >> let's turn to a starbucks attracted what you can call an unlikely customer. you got to take a look. a female goat. her name is milllie.
4:54 pm
milling around and the employees at starbucks tried to feed it a banana. the goat went need and you see millie chewing on the boxes. >> the police officers were called and they did coral the goat and took millie to an animal shelter and not long before the owners showed up. >> the owner. >> and they are building a new fence because of that. >> keep millie safe. >> people are calling him, mike, the burger burglar. >> that's right. surveillance caught this burglar that broke into a five guys hamburger restaurant in washington d.c. while he was inside, wasn't about the money, apparently he just got hungry because he started to cook himself food. >> who does this? he is talking two cheeseburgers and talking on his cell phone. the burglar snuck inside the restaurant after a delivery person left with just a bottle of water and a full belly.
4:55 pm
it makes me think he had to have worked this out. >> two cheeseburgers and a bottle of water. >> maybe he used to work there. how did he know to do that? >> you never know. >> all right. the four on two will be right back.
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stay with us. david cameron is defending
4:58 pm
his father's involvement in an offshore banking scandal. >> ian cameron was released in papers where there was millions pages of documents showing how politicians and celebrities and the wealthy reduce their taxes by using offshore banking. cameron says he is angry about the allegations. >> mr. speaker there has been deeply hurtful and untrue allegations made against my father. and i want, if the house will let me put the record straight, this investment fund was set up overseas because it was trading in dollar securities. like many other commercial fund it made sense to be set up inside one of the senses of dollar trading. >> cameron accepts the criticism he received for not answering questions about his dealing sooner and the prime minister refused to say whether he had a stake in the firm but he has knowledge that he sold his chairs shortly becoming prime minister in 2010. >> that is all for us on the
4:59 pm
four. let's send it to frank and you'llie. uc berkeley making headlines. >> to students went after sexual harassment allegations on campus. >> who they believe the school is protecting. ktvu fox 2 news at five starts now. . >> good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> two grad students say they are victims of sexual harassment for years at cal berkeley and today they filed a claim with the california department of employment and housing. ktvu's paul chambers joins us and live in the newsroom with the university's react and more on all of this. >> the two women spoke out in a news conference and allege it started back in 2014 and since then the university has been dragging its feet. >> before a group of fellow students and staff, two women spoke alleging that they were
5:00 pm
both victims of sexual harassment by cal berkeley professor asian studies blake winworth. >> i came here with an objective to study and teach. i want that back. it is derailed my future career, my education. >> both women say the alleged harassment started in the fall of 2014. they claim the professor that work in this building subjected them to hostile intimidating work environment and they say wentworth touched them inappropriately and talked about inappropriate subjects. >> they are protecting their professors and deans the same way the catholic church protected their priests. >> an executive at the university has her own lawsuit against the university alleging a lawful dean sexually harassed her. >> the investigations need not to take so long and not red tape when there is so much red tape when someone comes forward. >> the university released this statement